That Wanaka Tree!

3rd March 2017

Before we moved to Wanaka, New Zealand, I did not know much about that Wanaka Tree.

But it did not take too long to discover the fascination associated with it.

As a Landscape Photographer, along with other photographers around the world, it’s attraction is iconic.

Of course every day is unique with regards to the light as it varies in different seasons.

It is a delight to witness photographers huddled together claiming a piece of something extraordinary.

I like to watch people have fun with their mobile phones, doing selfies. Sometimes in the more unusual postures.

It’s all part of the relevance, witnessing the world’s most photographed tree.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be seen in front of it? Keeping good company!

That Wanaka Tree was an inspirational introduction to sharpening my photography in New Zealand.

Thank you for liking my work.

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