18th November 2018

Title: Serendipity             Limited Edition/50

Location: Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia

Natural Bridge, Queensland, Australia, is an iconic location.

The path winds into the valley, and during the rainy season, it is particularly lush. I arrived at the cave during the early morning. When I approached the cave it was initially intimidating entering it, as it was dark. But I persevered, with my camera attached to my tripod, I started shooting straight away. Bird song was prolific, as it was the cusp of Spring.

My intention was to spend some time there, sharpening my photographic skills. It was great to share the cave with other photographers who arrived later in the morning. After a lengthy photoshoot, adjusting my focal length and experimenting with different photographic compositions, I knew it was time to leave this wonderful location.

Thank you for appreciating my work!


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