Out of the Ordinary!

15th November 2016


When I arrived at the location of my photoshoot, the weather conditions were fairly bleak.

The southerly breeze made it presence felt whilst the sky was overcast.

From experience I have learnt to be patient and I am learning to ‘read’ the clouds and to expect something extra-ordinary to manifest whilst I wait with a good attitude.

So much about life involves the journey. How is our attitude whilst we are waiting?

Our perception can often blur the reality and the truth!

Where misconception creeps in and potential offence takes a hold of a circumstance. If you give it the power to do so!

During the shoot, I witnessed the sun behind me soaking the mountains before me, in light. Little by little, the conditions improved!

How often we can misunderstand and be misunderstood until light introduces clarity, truth and forgiveness.

Be still and know that I am God.

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