London is Calling!

22nd December 2016


It has been my dream to visit London as my ancestry its steeped in British culture. Although I spent a short time there, I maximised every moment.

My top priority was to see Big Ben. I can distinctly remember as I exited Westminster Tube station and started walking up the steps towards the street, Big Ben loomed before me. It was an incredible moment, indelibly stamped in my memory. Big Ben represented a moment in time and a time for change, for me personally.

As I walked along the street, I was overcome with emotion as I gathered my thoughts and attempted to imagine the scene in London during WWII. My father fought in WWII and I immediately felt a link with him, although he wasn’t based in London. It was a time to reflect and to honour all those who fell during WWII, fighting for the freedom which we experience today. Priceless!

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