Liquid Gold

Location: Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, Otago, South Island, New Zealand
One afternoon, just before sunset, I decided to visit ‘That Wanaka Tree, Lake Wanaka. It was fairly quiet as the photographers usually gather around the tree at sunrise.
Soon after I arrived and prepared for my shoot, I noticed the colours in the sky, radiantly reflected upon the water of the lake. The intensity of the gold, woven with subtle shades of pink and grey clouds and ‘That Wanaka Tree’ act as strong leading lines as they draw you into the image.
The water level was impressive in depth as the branch is in line with the surface of the lake. When the snow melts or alternatively when we have good rain, the level of the lake rises quite considerably. There have been occasions when I have stood in the lake when the water was swollen and ‘pumping’ due to severe wind.

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