Location: Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, Otago, South Island, New Zealand
‘That Wanaka Tree’ is fascinating. I have captured it when it was skeletal, during the middle of winter, but it changes with the seasons, of course.
Wading into the water is worth it, irrespective of the chilly temperatures. Each time I wade deeper into the lake, the more I am intrigued with the crystal clarity of it, seeing the stones and pebbles from quite an impressive depth.
Knowing that ‘That Wanaka Tree’ is so popular, I purposely arrive very early, usually before anyone else to secure a good vantage point.
There have been occasions when I have witnessed photographers standing almost shoulder to shoulder when the conditions have been favourable. I separate myself from the congestion and concentrate on the momentum of the sunrise by stepping into the lake.
You can clearly see the calm conditions, where the clouds are reflected without a ripple on the water. The snow-capped peaks and light-infused clouds add a warm glow to the cool picture.

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