Location: Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

Limited Edition | 20

When I arrived at my location, I was convinced of a special shoot. The sun was just beginning to burst forth through the clouds and ‘bleed’ intense red, woven through expansive, impressive golden patches of clouds.

Honestly, I could hardly wait to wade into the water and to position myself for an extraordinary sunrise. It would appear intense colours can fade fairly quickly so there is no time wasted in capturing the moment! Preparation is paramount.

Over a period of time I have become more acquainted with predicting weather by cloud watching. The clouds were shaped in such a way that I realised snow was evident. It snowed that night.

The shapes of the clouds and the light piercing through them, were absolutely fascinating and intense. When I walked out of the lake, I knew I’d been fortunate enough to capture something special.

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