Cool and Calm!

10th September 2017

Manly Yachts, Brisbane, Australia. This is the location where I learnt to use my professional camera.

As a Brisbane based Landscape Photographer, this is such a beautiful photo shoot destination and its so conveniently located for me.

The tide was low so I slipped into my waders and made my way along the waters edge. I lowered my tripod alongside the water with my camera just above the surface of the water.

Conditions on my photo shoot, as you can see, were perfect. So calm with gorgeous reflections. The sun rise was imminent as gold was splashed across the water.

The morning I shot this image, I was very fortunate as the reflections have been captured under perfect photographic conditions. 

I had my camera and photographic equipment at the ready before sunrise.

People were walking and jogging past me. I was the only photographer in this vicinity.

The world was rising with the sun and appreciating the perfectly calm conditions before them.

As Landscape/Seascape Photographer, I have a passion for people, photography and travel. All in equal measure.

Thank you for appreciating my work!   With you in mind!

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