As an Australian and International Award-winning Professional Fine Art Landscape Photographer, Clare Page’s passionate purpose is to grow her business, through local and international influence and exposure. Fine Art images that capture the imagination!

Fine Art Photography defines Clare’s true identity. It reflects her soul.

Her passion for Fine Art Landscape and Seascape Photography, people and travel is woven with a desire to equip and empower humanity with a purpose: to pursue their destiny.

Clare’s pursuit of attaining new heights in her work featuring South West USA, France, New Zealand and Australia, offers her an opportunity to capture images that are out of the ordinary.

It is Clare’s intention to consistently develop images that are framed by photographic excellence encouraging exposure to the nations, through books, galleries and tourism.

Gold Coast, Australia, is where Clare makes her home.


Awarded Silver for ‘Delicate’ in the 2015 AIPP and APPA Competitions.

Clare also participated in the Little Treasure 2016 Exhibition in Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy organised by Trevisan International Art. This exhibition was held in November/December 2016 and Clare received an Award of Excellence for her work.little-treasures-award

Clare was awarded the ATIM’S TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art ‘Masters Certificate of Excellence.’ ArtTour International, Italy, 27 May 2017. ‘This Certificate is presented in recognition for excellence in the Arts and contribution to cultural exchange.


Fine Art Landscape and Seascape Photography is my passionate purpose. Each image is captured from my soul.  My work represents my passion for nature, people and travel, which inspires me to pursue the pinnacle of photographic perfection.

Photography stimulates me to grow as a person and as a Fine Art Landscape and Seascape Photographer, I draw my inspiration from nature and persistently experiment in developing and advancing my work to new levels, using quality filters, selective shutter speeds, lenses and focal lengths; whilst experimenting with new creative compositions during each photo shoot.

My intentionality is to accurately reflect what I’ve captured, ‘packaging’ the scene before me, in my camera, thereby evoking emotions, arousing curiosity and taking pictures that linger in one’s memory.